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Tikhovliz Industries is an international syndicate that specializes in ecology and environmental preservation. Their first big project is the construction of the series of ‘Oberon’ underwater purification labs, starting with Oberon-1. Also, possesses a private military organization called NBCU.

By 2023, the worldwide oceanic pollution rose to an unbelievable level. The Earth’s ecosystem has never been so close to a critical point since the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. In an attempt to clean up the World Ocean from mankind’s hazardous activities, we the private corporation Tikhovliz Industries have made our suggestion. Seven underwater research labs, named the ‘Oberon Stations’ are now planned to be deployed across the globe to control the purification and safety of the oceanic ecosystem, along with the preservation of Earth’s aquatic life. I, Svetlana Tikhovliz, the Corporation CEO, want to make an announcement that it is our mission to ensure that our children will be living in the best of all worlds. This is Oberon-1 station, the initial prototype. In case of the project's success, more facilities like this will open up across the Earth. Welcome to the Ocean!
-- The official press release

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