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Svetlana's 'official' pin-up poster.

Overview Edit

  • Full Name: Svetlana Tikhovliz
  • Race: Human, Caucasian
  • Age: 35
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5' 6" (1,68 m)
  • Weight: 135.1 lbs

Physical Description Edit

Long dark blue hair, slim figure, very 'royal' stature. Always seen in glasses and a business suit. She's keeping a close eye out on her health.

Family/Friends Edit

  • None of interest.

Background Story Edit

Svetlana has always wanted to be famous to all the world. In some sort of sense, she accomplished this by starting up Tikhovliz Industries, an enterprise aimed at the global environmental aid, armed with the most sophisticated knowledge and tools mankind has devised so far. Nothing of that would be possible without all of her subordinates, too, including Kristina and Natasha Crichton. During the Oberon-1 construction, the company was forced to go over budget, giving Sveta some serious stress, but she didn't care as she was working her way up to the perspective of Oberon project being aimed to open a whole network of underwater cleanup facilities. Alarmed by Kristina Crichton's death and the contact loss with Oberon-1, she immediately reacted by ordering Nigel, Sean and the team to investigate the distress signal sent out by Natasha.

Occupation Edit

CEO of Tikhovliz Industries (world's largest private environmental preservation company), Head Supervisor of the Oberon-1 facility.

Talents Edit

Strict, over-confident, easy to get in panic, but she knows how to do the job when it comes to negotiations, management, strategic planning and coordination. During the operation, she acts as a primary objective provider and contact throughout the mission. Her whole character is a twist of a 'corrupt business(wo)man' archetype.

Weaknesses/Fears/etc. Edit

Financial losses, lawyers, Scientologists, Jehova's Witnesses, competitors, those who make profit from pollution and waste.