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In the bathypelagic zone, at a depth of 1000 fathoms (1800 m) or more, little or no light penetrates this part of the ocean.

Scientists once assumed that life would be sparse in the deep ocean but virtually every probe has revealed that, on the contrary, life is abundant in the dark layers.

These organisms thrive in completely lightless and anaerobic environments, in highly saline water that may reach 300 °F (150 °C), drawing their sustenance from hydrogen sulfide, which is highly toxic to almost all terrestrial life.

The amount of pressure experienced by many marine organisms is extreme. Until recent years, the scientific community lacked detailed information about the effects of pressure on most deep sea organisms because the specimens encountered arrived at the surface dead or dying, and weren't observable at the pressures at which they lived.


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2024 AD. Our planet is dying. Dawn of the new decade has brought us the uprising of environmental issues pending immediate resolution. Greenhouse effect, radiation, pollution, toxic waste, oil spills, diseases are tearing apart the nature and the mankind. But most importantly, the new age has introduced an era of ecological terrorism.
Violent, ruthless mercenaries joined under such banners as Dark Layers and many more, have become notorious disturbance to not only the political, but vital situation on the planet.
Until now.
You should be already familiar with the National Biohazard Containment Unit - an elite force of peacekeepers assembled and maintained under our control - as well as its successful track record of preventing horrible disasters that had all the chances of altering the ecosystem the way it would become impossible to cure. The NBCU, however, are only the first step in our line of radical environmental solutions. I am excited to present you the Oberon-1 station.
This is the first in line of our oceanic purification processors, a prototype facility designed for the research and development of water cleanup and pollution disposal. If this project becomes successful, we are estimating a whole network of Oberon stations to be deployed across the world.
We will make a difference, ladies and gentlemen. I promise you that.
-- Svetlana Tikhovliz

Ender's Game - this is not a game! Give me a break...
-- Sean Crichton