Overview Edit

OCEAN: Mercenaries is a planned standalone multiplayer mini-game, consisting of series of single-player/coop and deathmatch challenges, powered by Zandronum engine.

History So Far Edit

I've ran a quick sanity check of OCEAN Demo 1.1 in Zandronum and stumbled upon a barrage of incompatibilities. Some of them were confusing, some avoidable, some were showstoppers, but once I quickly fixed the latter, I was able to at least run it at all. In any case, this is the list of ongoing incompatibilities I've noticed, mostly for my own reference:

  • Menu would have to be redone;
  • Railgun sprite would have to be redone;
  • No dynamic sprite scaling;
  • No support for Strife dialogue;
  • Player view height setting does nothing;
  • Line_Horizon doesn't seem to work;
  • Slayer is not selectable for some reason;
  • Player can't start off emptyhanded;
  • Message scaling doesn't seem to work;
  • Startup banner displays the IWAD name no matter what;
  • Pistol throws in default sprites while shooting;

As it can be seen, they're either fixable or avoidable, but the downside to all this is that the single-player campaign and the multiplayer add-on would have to be separate in such case, for better or worse. However, it is still planned.

Planned Features Edit

Preferred Game Modes Edit

  • Competitive
  • Cooperative

Classes Edit

  • Survivors
  • Specimens
  • Assailants
  • Guest Stars