Natasha Wiki

Ingame sprite.


Natasha's closeup.

Overview Edit

  • Full Name: Natasha Crichton
  • Race: Human, Caucasian
  • Age: 32
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5' 7" (1,7 m)
  • Weight: 134.3 lbs

Physical Description Edit

Long dark-blue hair, large eyes and plump lips. Very curvy figure with above average breast size.

Family/Friends Edit

Background Story Edit

Originally, she was beyond eager to earn employment at Oberon-1 to help the Earth so badly. It's not really other people she wants to help, it's the ecosystem and all living things in it. She considers Oberon-1 program a big step forward for humanity to actually do something positive. Her overall outlook on the world is the desire to be useful, make it better, and she's desperate for the experiments not to screw up, because seeing as Oberon-1 is a prototype facility, and how in case of success, more purification labs like this were supposed to be built. However, it all gets shattered when she learns of Kristina's fate, which leaves Natasha so heartbroken she doesn't leave her office room for a few days. This and the Oberon-1 zombie outbreak shortly thereafter manage to change her desire to make the world better and help it, because she couldn't imagine that someone would try to destroy a facility that has a purpose so useful to Earth. She doesn't lose her mind or anything, but becomes more cautious and less naive.

Occupation Edit

Head of the Medical Division at the Oberon-1 experimental underwater facility.

Talents Edit

Has excellent knowledge in medicine and first aid. Erudite, polite, sensitive girl. Does her best at helping first, asking questions later. Natasha is naive, but slightly upset. She has a good heart and that 'invincible' stance where she is aware of the wrong in the world, but it can't affect her. She is supposed to be sweet and supportive, but bitter and cynical at times, not unlike Ellen Ripley in Alien and especially Aliens. Relationships with others are important to her - she a social character altogether, so she knows she's ridiculously protective and motherly for others, and hates herself for that sometimes. She cares more for the Earth than mankind, seeing it as not bad, but misguided children. She wants to help the Earth because she's disgusted how the mankind is ruining its own ecosystem for as long as it exists.

Weaknesses/Fears/etc. Edit

She is bitter about Sean for not keeping in touch with her for a long time, so when they meet in-game, it's not a very glamorous reunion. Also, not being good at reactions under the extreme circumstances, she wasn't prepared for the terrorists' negative outburst of what the Oberon-1 team was doing. When everything Natasha and the team have researched, accumulated and accomplished fell into wrong hands and caused a catastrophe, in blinding rage she swore to crucify anyone who would try to sabotage their activities again.