Surviviing Records Edit

I was formerly employed as a security guard stationed on this ultra-sophisticated top secret research facility, Oberon-1. Me and my buddies referred to it as Hangar 18, because in some regard it did in fact remind us of the actual Hangar 18 in Ohio. Basically, Oberon-1 is merely a prototype for one of the series of worldwide underwater research centers, planned to be scattered throughout the World Ocean. This one is placed nearby the island of Guam.
The complex consists of several giant domes connected with a series of tunnels, with part of the structure being hidden under the sea bottom – it is referred to as The Safehouse. Also, each week a submarine shuttle from the surface arrives to deposit food and supplies, and sometimes, to deliver the new research material. Hopefully, the reader would find this information useful.
I am serving as a chief security guard for the biological labs, where my wife Emily is also employed. For the last few weeks, her team is studying this strange anthropomorphic subject they called Specimen 15. It looks like a human girl, however there are two distinct features she possesses – yellow eyes with oval pupils, and pointy ears. I didn’t have a slightest clue on who this girl was, but each time I saw her at the cafeteria, my eyes got automatically glued to her saucy DDDs covered by the lab suit. (NOTE: Cut this part later) And each time it happened, I mentally slapped himself. You know, I am already married to the most beautiful wife in the world, so it was beyond pathetic to even look at other women. (NOTE: Cut these sentences, too)
Emily never let me talk to Specimen 15, whom she called ‘Nagaina’, and probably for a good reason. After all, my job was to observe and report – some time ago, I even rejected the promotion in favor of the increased salary, just to remain a regular goon, standing in the corridor with one hand on my MP5 submachine gun, and holding a cup of coffee in the other.
-- US Rangers Lieutenant Alastair Moonstar, Security