Marina's ingame sprite.


Marina's closeup.


Sean's first glimpse at Marina.

Overview Edit

  • Full Name: Specimen 23; alias 'Marina'
  • Race: Human/cyborg/piscine hybrid ('Specimen'), Caucasian
  • Age: Unknown; around 25-26 visually
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5' 6" (1,68 m)
  • Weight: 135.1 lbs

Combat Characteristics Edit

  • Health: Infinite for gameplay purposes
  • Speed: TBD
  • Weapon Of Choice: Assault Rifle

Physical Description Edit

Long wavy greenish blue hair, black-grey eyes, has gills on the sides of her neck. Her facial expression is always upbeat and smiley, which depending on the situation may endear or creep out. Her ears look like tiny pointy fins ('io-mimi'). 75DD breast size. Her lower torso is a shark tail that is partially shaped like two anthropomorphic legs held together. Marina's upper and lower torso parts are connected with bionic gadgets.

Family/Friends Edit

Background Story Edit

Her backstory is mostly classified. Before the chaos began, she was undergoing physical and weapons training sessions at the laboratory with Kristina, whom she only new as 'that kind woman who worked at our lab'. The zombie outbreak broke out while Marina was kept in a specimen holding cell, but eventually she managed to escape, praying for someone to rescue me from that dark desolated place.

Occupation Edit

One of the few zombie outbreak survivors.

Talents Edit

Trying as hard as she can to outlast, because she feels she must. Marina is insecure, oblivious, yet very fast-learning, bold and courageous. Knows how to utilize her mermaid abilities in proper situations.

Weaknesses/Fears/etc. Edit

The people who kickstarted the zombie outbreak, thoughts of being forever sealed in the specimen holding cell.