MAP06 map

MAP06 layout.

WARNING: Some of the information provided may contain spoilers or solutions on how to advance. Proceed at your own risk.

Story So Far Edit

Finally arriving at the recreational area at one of the Oberon's core levels, Sean receives a rather confusing directive from Daniel to terminate Specimen 23. He needs to search the camping and infirmary zones in order to locate it, as well as reboot the security generator to gain access to the pool.

Objectives Edit

  • Speak to Daniel in order for him to unlock the rest of the map;
  • Locate a switch to open the generator door at the infirmary;
  • Reboot the generator;
  • Dive into the pool;

Protips Edit

  • This map has a puzzle, as well as a lot of enemies, as well as a big environmental hazard;
  • Don't waste Slayer ammo;
  • Take cover whenever possible;
  • Don't hesitate to save the game often;
  • It is possible to jump over to the pool, just look better at the surroundings;

Music Edit

wired96 report / Wired_96_Report.s3m by Necros