MAP05 map

MAP05 layout.

WARNING: Some of the information provided may contain spoilers or solutions on how to advance. Proceed at your own risk.

Story So Far Edit

As the radio silence that Natasha warned him about in MAP03: Licence To Kill takes effect, Sean is left completely on his own devices. He must make way through the area in hope for the comm systems reboot to be over.

Objectives Edit

  • This is a classic 'shoot 'em up' map - mow down as many enemies as possible in attempt to find the route to a bathyscaphe parked at the dock;

Protips Edit

  • This is a rather hard level - don't hesitate to save your game time to time;
  • Memorize the location of health recharge terminals;
  • Machete is good against the zombie nurses;
  • Always be on your guard;
  • Crouch often - that will compromise the enemies' accuracy;
  • Do not waste ammo;

Music Edit

'santurian dreaming' / Santurian_Dreaming.mod by Necros