Kristina's close-up.

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Overview Edit

  • Full Name: Kristina Crichton
  • Race: Human, Caucasian
  • Age: 33
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5' 3,5" (1,61 m)
  • Weight: 127.6 lbs

Physical Description Edit

Dark blue hair, gray eyes. Very athletic stature due to her extensive physical training in the past. Was always seen wearing a beret – as she explained herself, it was a gesture of tribute to her husband's military profession.

Family/Friends Edit

Background Story Edit

Daughter of a Chernobyl liquidator. Studied at the O. Bohomolets National Medical University (Kiev, Ukraine), master's degree. Later, was commissioned as a guide for the NBCU Pripyat Expedition, where she first met Sean. After they married, Kristina was noticed by Tikhovliz Industries and invited to the employment at Oberon-1, back when it was in the prototype stage. In her spare time, she liked reading, gardening and overall being an active pacifist. Her 'lifetime project' came up with Oberon-1 staging the experiments on human-aquatic hybrids using the materials extracted from E-Site.

Occupation Edit

Head of the Research & Development Division at the Oberon-1 experimental underwater facility; Supervisor of the Specimen-related experiments.

Talents Edit

She was a very kind peace-seeking woman, who never swore and was always willing to help others; an active charity participant.

Weaknesses/Fears/etc. Edit

Had minor psychological issues due to numerous burnouts and exhausting occupations. Her cause of death remains unknown.