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Story Edit

Please refer to the map-related articles below.

Maps Edit

Downloads Edit

Dropbox | MediaFire | Google Drive | ModDB | IndieDB

Installation and Launch Edit

Windows Edit

  • Unzip the archive to whatever folder you like (D:\Games\OCEAN_Demo would be good enough);
  • Launch the Launch_OceanDemo.bat file;
  • Set up the keys and all necessary goodies (screen resolution, sound, etc.);
  • Enjoy!

Linux Edit

Please note this applies mostly to Debian/Ubuntu, so for other distributions, please consider using their respective utilities (packet managers, installation from source, etc.)

  • Download and install libsdl-dev:
    sudo apt-get install libsdl-dev
  • Download and install GZDOOM:
    sudo apt-get install gzdoom
  • Also, you can download the pre-compiled DEB package here:
  • Download and unpack the OCEAN Demo;
  • Place the ocean24.pk3 file as well as your IWAD (doom2.wad, tnt.wad, plutonia.wad, freedoom.wad, freedm.wad, etc.) to the GZDoom folder: (/usr/games/gzdoom or ~/.config/gzdoom by default);
  • Open the terminal and type:
    gzdoom -iwad doom2 -file ocean24.pk3
  • Have fun!

Technical Edit

Improvements over the OCEAN Demo:

Known issues:

  • Marina can sometimes wander aimlessly and ignore waypoints. To fix, just hang around her for a few seconds and let her come with you;
  • The three ammo clips in the Infirmary on MAP03: Licence To Kill may not be reachable - will be patched later;
  • Some of the piclup messages are default - will be patched as well.