Doncella screen

Standard wallpaper across the Oberon computers. DeviantArt link.

Whenever there is love by einhanderzwei-d7i6tkf

Promotional Marina wallpaper. DeviantArt link.

Your future is shining brightly by einhanderzwei-d7fubyc

Oberon-1 billboard featuring Doncella. DeviantArt link.

Doncella Calendar

A calendar featuring Doncella. DeviantArt link.

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Brief Info Edit

Doncella Suicide is a photo model from Spain, who happily agreed to assist in the OCEAN promotion, so she is pretty much the only person who has the honor of being in both the 'Characters' and 'Developers' categories. In-universe, she has participated in several promotional photoshoots for Tikhovliz Industries, and the results can be seen on posters, billboards and even computer wallpapers during some of the levels.

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