Dan's ingame sprite. The armor design is a combined manipulation of SUWCap Quake 3 model by ALPHAwolf and Grism model by OpenArena Team.


Daniel's closeup on a communication monitor.


Daniel's concept art by Snowy-Aegis.

Overview Edit

  • Full Name: Daniel Anders
  • Race: Human, Caucasian
  • Age: 34
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5'2" (1,57 m)
  • Weight: 130.1 lbs

Combat Characteristics Edit

  • Health: Infinite for gameplay purposes
  • Speed: 1.2
  • Weapon Of Choice: Shotgun

Physical Description Edit

He is a fairly well-built man (muscular, but by no means athletic. He can't run especially quickly), with a haircut reminiscent of the typical 'Sarge' style, except his comes forward to a point at the front and loosens up slightly at the back. His eyes are a dark, dusky green, and he has a strong jawline.

Family/Friends Edit

While none are specified in the personnel records, Daniel's parents are both alive. He also has an older brother and younger sister, whom is still in the RAF as a plane mechanic, whom he might occasionally reference in one-liners like 'Damn, Kellie would know how to fix this thing'.

Background Story Edit

After joining the RAF at 19, Daniel served for just over a decade, displaying his talents as a proficient CQC soldier, skilled with any weapon designed for close combat or urban use. At 31, however, a medical issue of his (specifically, a heart condition) that had been missed prior resulted in his medical discharge. He drifted around for a couple years, getting the odd job occasionally, until Tikhovliz Industries hired him as a security guard for the research station Oberon-1, hence his presence at the time of the Dark Layers assault.

Occupation Edit

He was formerly a soldier in the RAF, and is now a security guard.

Talents Edit

He is a skilled combatant and has an oddly high resilience to what would incapacitate or kill someone else. However he is not an average dumb mook and is above average intellectually. He also possesses some electrical and mechanical skill. He's like a nerfed Isaac Clarke, if Isaac never went to space and fought space zombies with a plasma gun.

Weaknesses/Fears/etc. Edit

Daniel is mildly claustrophobic and is also afraid of crowds. He is ineffective at best and pathetic at worst with weapons designed for longer ranges and finds scopes and red dot sights/holo sights fiddly and annoying. The idea of zombies has always terrified him and thus becomes trigger-happy with them around. He is also prone to fatigue due to his heart condition. In addition to that, his character may get especially cynical, unfriendly and downright xenophobic at times.

Misc. Edit

Daniel has a rather badly hidden crush on Natasha Crichton, but tries to obscure this whenever Sean is around, with varying levels of success.