Aquamorph's ingame sprite.


Early concept art (DeviantArt link).

Brief Description Edit

Half-human half-piscine mutated beings, vaguely resembling Marina and the Specimens. However, unlike the latter, the Aquamorph are extremely twisted, pale and distorted-looking. Also, they seem to have extremely primitive intelligence, resorted to two things: either getting close to devour their victims or spitting unidentified acidic substance when attacking remotely.

Characteristics Edit

  • Health: 150 HP
  • Speed: 15
  • Attack Type: Melee, Projectile
  • Melee Attack Strength: 3xd8 (3 - 24) HP per sting
  • Projectile Attack Strength: 5 HP per shot
  • Item Drop: none
  • First Encounter: MAP02: Hypothermia